West Bengal minister and TMC leader Rajib Banerjee lashed out at the party leadership. 

Rajib Banerjee said, “Those who are doing well those with ability, they are sidelined in TMC. The score of those who applaud the team is higher. My score is low because I can’t. If Suvendu Adhikari leaves, a huge void will be created in the team. It is important to find out why the leaders are so angry. These issues should have been thought about earlier. Those who work in the field do not get the upper hand. Power seekers are getting a place in the team. It is difficult to say good is bad, bad is good in TMC.”

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The top leadership of the Trinamool Congress is deeply unhappy with Rajib Banerjee for openly expressing his anger against the party. Bengal minister Arup Roy has criticized Rajiv with sarcastic language. Udaynarayanpur MLA Sameer Panja also criticized Rajib for his remarks.

Trinamool MLA Sameer Panja targeted Rajiv and said, "He has come out of the cold room and entered politics. He got a lot without doing anything. In 2001, thousands of homeless Trinamool Congress workers from Arambagh, Goghat, Purshura and Jangipara in Hooghly took refuge in Udayanarayanpur. Where was he then? The party made him a leader. Two years after he was elected, he was made a cabinet minister. He is still a minister.”

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“As a grass root level worker of the party, I can say that Rajib was never forced to leave home due to the oppression of the CPM. There was no false murder case given by the police. He was never seen working for people in difficult times. However, Mamata Banerjee has given him a place in the cabinet. The way Rajib is criticizing the party is very painful to tolerate. If he had something to say about corruption or anything else, he could have said it directly to the party leader. Whatever he has done is not right.” 

On Rajib’s remarks, BJP leader Mukul Roy said, “What Rajib said reflects the pain of those who formed the party (TMC). If you listen carefully, you will hear such words from several other TMC leaders. Our stand is clear for TMC and others. Whoever wants to join hands with us are welcome.”