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Massive Lokayuktha raids in Bengaluru at over 60 locations, including BESCOM officials

Lokayukta raids across Bengaluru and the state unearth widespread corruption, targeting officials with disproportionate wealth. Assets worth crores, including cash, gold, and jewelry, were seized, revealing stark income-wealth gaps. Investigations span diverse sectors like dairy, revealing alleged malpractices. The crackdown underscores the need for stringent action to curb corruption and ensure transparency in administrative bodies.

Massive Lokayuktha raids in Bengaluru at over multiple locations
First Published Dec 5, 2023, 9:28 AM IST

A series of coordinated raids by the Lokayukta in Bengaluru have unveiled widespread corruption, spanning across more than 60 locations in the city and other parts of the state. The targeted raids were conducted in the early hours, targeting officials allegedly involved in corrupt practices.

Among the sites raided, the residences and offices of 13 officers were subject to intense scrutiny, uncovering substantial evidence of illicit activities. Notable among these locations were the homes of Bescom's EE Sudhakar Reddy in Bengaluru and Chennakeshava in the Jakkur area, drawing attention due to the scale of wealth discovered.

During the raids, a staggering amount of assets were seized, including ₹6 lakh in cash, 3 kg of gold, 28 kg of silver, diamond jewelry valued at ₹25 lakh, and items estimated at ₹1.5 crore. These findings underscore the gravity of the corruption allegations leveled against these officials.

The raids extended beyond Bengaluru, with searches carried out at various locations linked to government officials, such as the Chief Executive Officer of Kumbalagodu Milk Cooperative Society, HS Krishnamurthy. The investigation targeted individuals in diverse sectors, ranging from the veterinary and horticulture departments to electricity boards and municipal councils.

Specific allegations have emerged, shedding light on the stark contrast between reported income and actual earnings. For instance, officials like Krishnamurthy are believed to have declared a meager income of ₹16,000 while purportedly amassing wealth amounting to several crores. The dairy sector, in particular, has come under scrutiny for alleged discrepancies in income declarations and operational practices.

It's alleged that certain cooperatives under investigation have reported significantly lower incomes compared to their actual earnings, involving practices like procuring milk from farmers separately and selling it to apartments and private schools at higher rates.

(More details awaited).

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