Bengaluru: Hundreds of Bengalureans have been arguing with cops and marshals each day as they are being fined for not wearing masks inside their cars.

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has now issued clarifications regarding some of the confusions in rules pertaining to wearing of masks

A Technical Advisory Committee of the BBMP held a meeting and has concluded a few rules for wearing masks.

The BBMP has clarified that those driving cars alone even with their windows rolled up will still have to wear masks.

BBMP officials stated that masks are again mandatory for any individual driving a four-wheeler alone with windows rolled down and does not have a fellow traveller.

The logic behind a single driver in a four-wheeler having to wear masks while his/her windows are rolled up has raised some questions.

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The same rules apply to those commuting on two-wheelers even if they are riding alone or with a pillion rider.

Earlier it was just the BBMP marshals who were fining those who were not wearing masks in public places, however, now cops too have been authorised to do so.

Meanwhile, the BBMP has also ordered marshals to ensure they penalise a minimum of 20 people per day failing which action can be taken against them.