Kolkata: The Metro, which currently operates for six days a week, may run trains on Sundays too before Durga puja. Attempts are being made to run the metro from October 4. There is deliberation on operating trains from 7:30 am instead of 8:00 am to control the crowd of passengers during busy hours.

On September 26, around 37,000 took the Metro, and presumably, a good number of them were going for Durga puja shopping. Therefore, the night metro service has been extended to 8:30 pm to control the crowd. There is also a plan for change with e-pass.

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An official associated with the metro operation said, “As the time of Durga puja is approaching, the crowd will also increase. So, if the metro will run every Sunday, people will have less difficulty in travelling.”

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“Around 27,000 people took the Metro on the previous weekend (September 19). The sharp rise in passenger count this weekend indicates there is now an increased pressure on non-working days. We are barely four weeks away from Durga Puja and the city’s lifeline should rise to the occasion and address the needs of non-office-goers as well,” said Sanjay Chatterjee whom the state had assigned to develop the technology for booking e-passes.