Warning: Some parts of this article contain pervasive language and abuse.

The post that is now going viral on social media is that of a guy from Kolkata who has left a rape threat on a girl's FB post, with details that would send shudders down the spine. Indeed, Agniswar Chakraborty, the accused, has vented out his feelings on the social media platform is nothing less than demonic. 

Needless to say, the account cannot be traced on Facebook now, but the words are still etched in everyone's minds. And those who has preserved a screenshot of the same own an 'asset' when it comes to one's display of ego and muscle flexing for no reason at all.

This incident is epochal of how the young generation sees the usage of social media, beyond its basic function of staying connected with friends and loved ones. It has now become nothing less than an open canvas to express one's angst and frustration and showing the world their reason for anger. Justify as much as you want, but the need to check oneself when it comes to venting out in public is non-negotiable.

The only 'fault' of the 21-year-old woman was she deleted a smiley posted by a complete stranger on her profile. Now, that would divide the netizens on their opinions. Few would argue how could a stranger post on someone's profile if its not 'open to all'. This is inviting danger. Others would say, by deleting the smiley from a danger, the girl did nothing but discourage the man from further venturing into her profile. While both arguments seem to be correct, we would talk about the mentality of a person who could write something like this:

"I will rape you until you bleed from your ass and beg for mercy. I will shove my feet inside your ravaged cunt as you puke blood all over the floor. And don't worry I will make your little fuccoboi brother watch the whole thing before my friends rape the shit out of him breathing just barely to see how I cut your clit off and shove molten rod down your throat you fucking whore. If I ever see your brother I will do things to him a man can only imagine. Beware CUNT"

This, he says after digging up an old photo of the girl and posting on FB.

Now, what calls for that outrage? Even misogynists, posting 'how men are always at the receiving end' messages on social media would fumble to find a logical argument for that. But, of course they would carry on for the sake of it. For them, we only have one advise. Think before you lambast women who have an opinion of their own and believe that human rights violation is not acceptable, irrespective of gender. Of course, the misogynists would still argue it to be blind FEMINISM, but does that really matter? Really? Because we also condemn the attitude of the accused toward a 14-year-old BOY who was just speaking to his sister on video conference.

A Kolkata-based activist, Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman, who runs a page called SHONTU- United against Online Harassment, speaking to the Storypick said, "The girl is studying and working in Australia, presently. There’s a picture on her page where she’s Skyping with her little brother. And, she’s saying, ‘I miss you. You’re my best friend’. Earlier when she had posted the picture, he had apparently posted a smile emoticon. She saw he’s not on her friend list, he’s nobody so she deleted the comment. After that, this happened. I believe it was probably that which caused such a sudden reaction."

She further added, "The screenshot was brought to my attention yesterday and I was horrified. I feel very strongly because the boy has read this comment. The brother of the girl in the thread is a 14-YO old child. She’s in her early 20s. A 14-year-old boy has just read a comment, he’s a schoolboy, does his own thing, innocent little fellow, he’s gone and read about how somebody wants to rape his sister while he’s being raped and to watch."

The perpetrator, it is to be noted, did not even send a friend request nor had he spoken to the girl before. But, he still had the audacity to write such a comment. Pranaadhika, further said, "This guy out of the blue, without any prior conversation, provocation, interaction, suddenly comes out of nowhere and writes that terrible paragraph. But this particular action constitutes an offence under POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act because he’s threatened a 14-year-old boy."

Incidentally, has also been speaking to the friends and acquaintances of the accused. She found that the guy is actually like this. "His friends say that he speaks like this and does not know how to behave". "He is basically a nutjob and is all talks and no action," she further added.

The victim wants the man behind bars and he has called for it. 

Twitter too is exploding with comments from people who condemn the incident. A social media campaign has also been launched against the accused on FB by Change.Org and close to 19,557 people have signed the petition to send the man behind bars.