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Islamic State Terror Plot: 'Daesh has already made inroads in India'

The Islamic State gets involved anywhere it feels that it can enhance the effect of Islamic organisations, say experts, adding that it was very-very essential that India takes care of its security concerns.

Islamic State Terror Plot: Daesh has already made inroads in India, say experts
First Published Aug 22, 2022, 6:10 PM IST

The Russian Federal Security Service on Monday blew the lid off an Islamic State terror plot to carry out a suicide attack in India. In a statement, the FSS said that the apprehended terrorist was planning to travel to India to carry out an attack by 'self-detonation against one of the representatives' of the 'ruling circles of India'.

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As per Russia's top security agency, the operative hailed from a Central Asian country and was recruited into the IS module during his trip to Turkey in April-June this year. Later, the FSB issued a video clip of the arrested terrorist. 'They formulated the plan remotely using Telegram and at personal meetings in Istanbul. As a result, the terrorist took an oath of allegiance to the Emir of IS. Post that, he was assigned the task of leaving for Russia, completing the necessary documentation and then flying to India to commit a high-profile terrorist act,' the FSB said.

It should be noted that just days ago, deputy NSA Vikram Misri had expressed concerns about the Islamic State during the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation NSAs meet in Uzbekistan. 

What security experts have to say on it? 

Qamar Agha, Security expert:

"For long, ISIS has been trying to enter Indian territory. Many people from Central Asian countries had gone to Iraq and Syria to fight, and this apprehended man could be one of those. They also formed a group based in Afghanistan and try to expand their base in South Asian countries. But they have got no success in it so far. 

"Indian intelligence agencies are very active and have succeeded in preventing such attacks in the Indian territory so far. With the arrest of this person, it can be understood that there are groups which are active in taking an interest in India. 

"ISIS is a mercenary force, and it is being used by many countries because they do not have the money and influence now. Pakistan has been using such groups against India. The Pakistani propaganda is very strong against India in the Central Asian country through Islamic organisations and extremist Islamic organisations. They are always trying to invoke Kashmir issues against India. 

"It is good that he has been arrested. It means Russians are very active in this region, and there is a cooperation between India, Russia and the Central Asian country. So far, two meetings of NSAs have taken place, and anti-terror cooperation is growing in the region. The threat is more because ISIS has managed its space in Afghanistan. Now, it is the responsibility of the international community not to allow Afghanistan as a safe haven for terrorist activities." 

Major General Ashok Kumar (R) Defence and Security expert 

"ISIS is not limited to a country or to a region. It has got international footprint. ISIS gets involved anywhere it feels that it can enhance the effect of Islamic organisations. It always comes forward to fight the governments and those who are following the rule of law. 

"ISIS has already made inroads in India and has been present in a number of states doing multiple activities. The person who has been caught is a suicide bomber in Russia and revealed that he had intentions to visit India to carry out a suicide bombing against a ruling party leader is in tune with their destructionist agenda. It is, therefore, very-very essential that we should take care of our security concerns.

"We should have better intelligence networks with all other countries in the world. One of the reasons that ISIS has been enhancing its presence in India may be also linked to the normalization of relations between India and Afghanistan, where the Taliban is in power. 

"Indian government must involve all citizens for the national security and bring them closer so that such efforts are not fructified. It's a crying societal need to have no faultlines between our citizens. Over two months ago, ISIS had threatened to attack India over expelled BJP leader Nupur Sharma’s derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed. 

"Islamic State Khorasan Province, an affiliate of the terror outfit Islamic State, or Daesh, had also released an over 10-minute video clip focusing on India and Nupur Sharma."

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