It seems the target from the Home Department to Traffic Police is making life miserable to motorists and in a latest on the incident of generating revenue by fining people under Motor Vehicle Act, the traffic cops towed away a car in which a 7-month-old-infant was fast asleep.

The incident was reported from Mallikatte Market area in Mangaluru. It is said that the car belonged to a woman who along with her grown-up child had stepped out of the car to buy groceries. As her driver noticed the owner had left her phone behind, he locked the car and went to the mall to give her phone.

Upon his return within two minutes, he found that the car was missing. The nearby shops then told them about 'sincere cops' towing away.

Soon a commotion took place at the nearby Traffic Police station and the public who have been cursing the department on fining them on every occasion termed this act of police as most 'cruel and stupid'. The public argued that the cops could have stuck a notice instead of towing the car and putting a life in danger.

However, like in most cases, the police defends its decision and projects itself as 'honest', doing the same in this case as well.
"The car was not parked properly and we towed it as per rules," said a cop who did not wish to be named.