The West Bengal government and the railways met again on Wednesday (November 4) to discuss the resumption of local trains in the state. After the meeting, it was decided that the local trains will run on the basis of specific guidelines. Railways and the state will jointly formulate those guidelines. Standard operating system will be made for it. All these decisions were taken at the Railway-State meeting.

What decision was taken at the railway-state meeting on Wednesday? 
•    Standard operating procedures will be created quickly.
•    Railways and the state will jointly formulate the standard operating procedure.
•    Adequate trains will be run for the convenience of the passengers.
•    Standard operating procedure will be made keeping in mind the health of the passengers.
•    The issue of security promotion at the station will be given importance.
•    The railways will decide at which stations the train will stop.
•    Regular disinfection process will be carried out on the train.
•    Guidelines will be made for passengers to enter and exit the station.

Although there has been considerable discussion about the standard operating procedure, no final decision has yet been made on when the train will run. Railway officials will hold another meeting with the state government next Thursday (November 12). 

Earlier on Monday (November 2), officials of Eastern and South-Eastern Railways met state government officials. In that meeting, it was decided that only 10 to15% trains will operate with 50% seating capacity. The frequency could be increased to 25% after Diwali. However, the decision was changed later by the Railway authorities.