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'Fine us Rs 1000 crore...' Baba Ramdev claims 'propaganda against Ayurveda' after Supreme Court rap

The Supreme Court, addressing a petition by the IMA, ordered the Centre to curb misleading advertisements, expressing concern over disparaging remarks by Patanjali against modern medicine. Despite the court's warning and potential fines, Ramdev affirmed the company's commitment to truth and readiness to face any punishment if proven guilty.

Fine us Rs 1000 crore, hang us Baba Ramdev claims 'propaganda against Ayurveda' after Supreme Court rap
First Published Nov 22, 2023, 10:16 PM IST

A day after the Supreme Court's criticism of misleading advertisements and remarks against modern medicines, Baba Ramdev, the yoga guru, asserted that a "group of doctors" was engaged in "propaganda" against yoga and Ayurveda. He defended Patanjali Ayurveda, his company, stating that they were not spreading falsehoods. Ramdev, addressing concerns raised by the Supreme Court cautioning Patanjali Ayurved against making "false" and "misleading" claims about its medicines, emphasized the importance of truth over financial resources. Despite acknowledging allopathy's prevalence, Ramdev asserted, "We have the inheritance of the wisdom of sages, we are not poor."

Responding to news reports about the Supreme Court's rebuke, he clarified at a press conference in Haridwar that they were not engaged in false propaganda. Ramdev expressed readiness to face any punishment if proven guilty but accused a group of doctors of consistently propagating against yoga and Ayurveda over the past five years.

"A few doctors have formed a group that continuously does propaganda against yoga, Ayurveda, etc... If we are liars, then fine us Rs 1000 crore, and we are also ready for the death penalty. But if we are not liars, then punish the ones who are really spreading the false propaganda. For the past 5 years, propaganda has been going on, targeting Ramdev and Patanjali," he said.

The Supreme Court, on Tuesday, directed the Centre to establish a mechanism to curb misleading advertisements claiming cures for diseases. The court also reprimanded Baba Ramdev and Patanjali for disparaging remarks against modern medicine. Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah, leading the bench, sternly warned Patanjali, stating, "This is a blatant infraction of law." The court, responding to a petition by the Indian Medical Association (IMA), emphasized its seriousness and hinted at imposing significant fines on each product.

The IMA had filed the petition seeking action against misleading advertisements, including those questioning the efficacy of allopathic medicines. Patanjali Ayurveda had been included as a respondent, particularly for an advertisement released in July last year challenging allopathy's benefits.

Ramdev concluded by urging a real solution to the problem of misleading advertisements making false claims, aligning with the Supreme Court's emphasis on addressing this issue seriously.

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