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'Even a dog won’t eat': UP constable cries on road protesting poor quality food

A police constable has been protesting against the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Firozabad over police personnel allegedly being provided substandard food. In a video that has gone viral on social media, the constable identified as Manoj Kumar is seen crying and staging a protest on the road.

even a dog wont eat this UP constable cries on road protesting poor quality food gcw
New Delhi, First Published Aug 11, 2022, 5:20 PM IST

A police officer from Uttar Pradesh sobbed in front of the public in protest over the supposedly poor quality of the food supplied at the mess at the police lines in Firozabad. Constable Manoj Kumar, with tears in his eyes, alleged that the cops are given poor quality of dal and undercooked rotis in the mess. He alleged that despite several complaints to the senior superintendent of police, nothing had been done.

Constable Manoj Kumar performed a demonstration while holding a plate of rotis, rice, and a bowl of dal, saying, “Policemen are eating this food after 12 hours of duty. Even a dog won’t eat this. We can’t eat this food. How can we do our duties if we don’t have anything in our bellies?”

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They continue to receive poor food, he claimed, despite assurances from UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath that the amount granted to police officers will be doubled to ensure they have a decent meal.

"The senior superintendent of police and the DCP are pulling a hoax. These individuals serve subpar meals to police officers," alleged Kumar. 

Kumar, an Aligarh native sent to Firozabad, alleged that the mess manager threatened to fire him when he voiced his concerns about the food supplied to him and other lower-ranking employees. In response to inactivity, he made the decision to post footage of the meal and his protest on social media.

Other police officers ultimately removed Constable Manoj Kumar from the scene of his protest. The Firozabad Police has urged the CO City to check into the incident after his video complained about the mess's poor cuisine appeared.

Constable Manoj Kumar has a history of discipline problems and has had 15 prior punishments for irregularity and indiscipline, the Firozabad Police later said in a tweet. The incident is being investigated, according to the police.

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