BJP state president Dilip Ghosh on Sunday (November 29) alleged that an “artificial potato crisis” has been created in the state by the Trinamool Congress party.

Dilip Ghosh said, “Why is the price of potato so high? The crisis has been created artificially by those patronised by the ruling party. It has been created by those who take cut money for everything.”

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Expressing concern over the "sudden rise in the price of the kitchen staple, now available at ₹ 40 per kg, if not more", Mr Ghosh said this has hurt the common people.

The BJP leader also said that a section of TMC members are unhappy with the way the leadership has been functioning, and claimed that the "revolting" cadres are raising slogans like "PK Hatao, TMC Bachao" (Remove PK, Save TMC) to protest against the ruling party's decision to hire election strategist Prashant Kishores for the 2021 Assembly polls.

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The BJP state president also said, “The price hike of the essential commodities has been made by the ruling party to make money from common people. The centre is not responsible for the price hike of onions and potatoes. “

However, the TMC has not yet made any remarks on this statement.