Kolkata: Inspite of being a COVID-fighter, health worker Kamalabala Mandal from Malda is deprived of medical services from SSKM hospital. According to her family, the patient was diagnosed with cancer and was admitted to the Medical College Hospital in Kolkata. From there she was referred to SSKM Hospital on September 10 for better treatment.

Allegedly, the cancer-patient was not admitted there. Since that day (September 10), the patient has been fighting against death by lying under a tree inside the premises of SSKM Hospital. This incident has raised heat and dispute amongst other health workers in the area.

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According to sources, Kamalabala belongs to Akandabaria village of Bangitola panchayat in Kaliachak-2 block. She has two children. She has been providing health services for a long time in the big field colony of Bangitola. In the last two months, seven people were infected with COVID-19 in the area. She arranged to send a pregnant COVID patient to the hospital. After that, Kamalabala fell ill.

A minor operation was performed on her abdomen in Malda. She was admitted to Malda Medical College Hospital at the end of August. She was diagnosed with jaundice in the hospital. However, as her physical condition deteriorated, she was 'referred' to Kolkata. Her family admitted her to Calcutta National Medical College Hospital on September 2.

Mrinmoy, the son of Kamalabala, said, "My mother was referred to SSKM Hospital on September 10. She was taken to the emergency department for treatment. We tried to admit her to the hospital but it was said that the hospital bed was not empty. Therefore, she could not be admitted. She is lying under a tree inside the hospital premises without treatment.”

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Mrinmoy complained that despite repeated requests to the hospital authorities to admit his mother, nobody paid any heed. He claimed that the hospital authorities informed him that his mother will be admitted to Shambhunath Pandit hospital but no assurity of treatment was given to him.

Mrinmoy said, "My mother is a health worker and a COVID fighter, but she is out of the hospital without treatment," I don't know if I will be able to save her.”

Baby Chakraborty Mishra, one of the leaders of the health worker organization in Malda district, said, "There is nothing more unfortunate than for a health worker and a COVID fighter to be left without treatment like this."

Kaushik Mistry, block health officer of Kaliachak 2 block, said, "I have heard about Kamala. I have informed the health workers of the district. The health workers of the block will stand by and help Kamala in her treatment."