A large part of Nadia was shaken by a mild earthquake. People were panicked and got out of their houses after two consecutive earthquakes. The extent of the damage is not yet known. No tsunami alert was issued.

Ferries alongside the road saw water splashes on banks of rivers. The extent of the damage or the source of the earthquake could not be ascertained yet. People of Nadia were terrified by the temporary mild earthquake.

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 A local vendor in Nadia said, ‘’We ran out as soon as we felt tremors in my shop for the first time. The earthquake lasted for a few seconds. After some time, it was felt that there were tremors two or three more times. The ceiling fans installed in the shops and Ghats were also seen shaking.’’

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Parts of South Bengal, including Kolkata, were shaken up by an earthquake in early August 2020. A mild earthquake shook Kolkata, Hooghly and West Midnapore. There was an earthquake at Dantan, Ghatal, and Belda in West Midnapore. South Bengal trembled for 3 to 4 seconds due to the mild earthquake.