The Bharatiya Janata Party today lashed out at the Congress and Rahul Gandhi for not believing the government's version on Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman's release from Pakistani captivity.

To recall, Congress had then instead acknowledged "the fine gesture of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan" to release the IAF fighter pilot.

Today, BJP President JP Nadda cited the admission by a Pakistan MP in their country's Parliament that Abhinandan Varthaman was released by Islamabad fearing an attack by India.

In a series of tweets, Nadda said: "Congress' prince does not believe anything Indian, be it our Army, our Government, our Citizens. So, here is something from his 'Most Trusted Nation', Pakistan. Hopefully now he sees some light."

"Congress party's campaign has premised around keeping our armed forces weak. They mocked our armed forces, questioned their valour and tried every trick to ensure India doesn't get latest the Rafale planes. The people of India rejected such politics and punished Congress."

Fighter pilot Abhinandan was nabbed by Pakistan when his MiG was shot down and crashed in Pakitan-occupied Kashmir during an IAF operation to repel enemy aircraft intruding into Indian territory. 

Soon after the officer's capture, New Delhi had activated diplomatic channels to exert pressure on Pakistan to release the IAF pilot.

New Delhi had then sent out a stern message to Islamabad, ruling out any deal or negotiation on Abhinandan's return and had sought unconditional and immediate repatriation. 

Later that evening, during his address in the Pakistan National Assembly, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that the fighter pilot will be released as a peace gesture.

The truth behind that 'gesture' has today come to light.