Bengaluru: While the entire world is battling coronavirus crisis and trying to revive the fallen economy, MLAs and leaders are busy being at loggerheads over naming a flyover in Bengaluru.

BJP MLAs have come up with an idea of naming a flyover in the city after Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, activist who formulated the Hindu nationalist philosophy of Hindutva. He was a leading figure in the Hindu Mahasabha.

However, this discussion has sparked off a controversy with many opposition leaders raising their ante against it.

Former chief minister HD Kumaraswamy slammed the BJP saying that there are many state leaders who have helped in the development of Karnataka and naming Yelahanka flyover after Savarkar is an attempt to humiliate the state's prominent figures.

HD Kumaraswamy wrote on Twitter, "The state government's decision to nominate Savarkar for the Yelahanka bridge is a disgrace to those who have struggled for the state's development and prosperity. This will not do good to the state government."

"There are many great people who worked and sacrificed for the development of the state in the pre and post independence era. This (Yelahanka) flyover could have been named after them. Has any state given our leaders importance and named anything after them? I urge the state government to reverse their decision on behalf of the people of Karnataka," he further wrote.  

However, the state government has not announced any decision regarding this matter, but Yelahanka MLA SR Vishwanath said the decision has already been made.

SR Vishwanath spoke to Asianet Newsable about the decision that has sparked off a controversy.  

"The construction of the flyover started three years ago and for the last two months, we have been trying to procure permission to name the flyover after Veer Savarkar. After suggestions from people, our corporator filed a proposal with the BBMP. The palike has granted us permission to name the flyover after Savarkar," said Vishwanath.  

Meanwhile, we asked SR Vishwanath on HD Kumaraswamy's reaction on naming the flyover. "We have named our parks across the state after our prominent leaders -- around 25 parks have been named after Basavanna, Kempegowda, Basavalinga, Valmiki, Kuvempu etc. Veer Savarkar is not just a state leader but is a respectful national leader. HD Kumaraswamy has no work and has to just instigate and pit one against the other. There are incidents where the country was divided over the Kashmir issue. Why didn't he react then? I don't understand why they create controversies when Savarkar is respectable and an inspiration to the youth."

Though naming the flyover has sparked controversy, MLA SR Vishwanath said the flyover will be inaugurated tomorrow (May 28) on the occasion of Sarvarkar's birth anniversary.