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Bengaluru shocker: Infosys employee duped of Rs 3.7 crore by cybercriminals posing as Mumbai Police

An Infosys executive fell victim to a scam involving TRAI, CBI, and Mumbai Police impersonators, transferring Rs 3.7 crore under false money laundering allegations. Bengaluru Cyber Crime Police initiated legal action, emphasizing the seriousness due to the substantial amount, now preparing to involve the CID and freeze fraudulent accounts.

Bengaluru shocker: Infosys employee duped of Rs 3.7 crore by cybercriminals posing as Mumbai Police vkp
First Published Nov 29, 2023, 3:24 PM IST

An Infosys senior executive encountered a distressing scam where cybercriminals, posing as officials from TRAI, CBI, and Mumbai Police, coerced and deceived the individual into transferring a hefty sum of Rs 3.7 crore. The fabricated allegations included money laundering ties, all to threaten and intimidate the executive.

The victim, who is originally from Whitefield in Bengaluru, narrated the sequence that began with a call on November 21, purportedly from Mumbai's Vakola police station, alleging a criminal case against them and linking it to their Aadhaar card details. Succumbing to the pressure exerted by the fraudsters, the executive transferred the large sum to multiple bank accounts over two days.

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The Cyber Crime Police promptly acted, initiating legal action under the IT Act and IPC sections 419 and 420. A senior police official highlighted the gravity of the case due to the substantial amount involved, leading to the impending transfer of the case to the CID. Efforts were underway to engage with banks to freeze the fraudulent accounts associated with these illicit transactions.

The elaborate deception began with false claims of misusing a SIM card linked to the executive's name for unauthorized advertising. Refuting ownership of the mentioned phone number proved ineffective, as the fraudsters claimed it was obtained using Aadhaar Card information, enhancing their deception.

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The imposters further intensified the scam, portraying themselves as senior Mumbai police officers, demanding the executive's presence at Mumbai and Delhi police stations for an alleged CBI investigation. The threat of imminent arrest loomed large, accompanied by a staged video call presenting a mock police station setup and fabricated complaints against the executive.

Immediate action by the Cyber Crime Police was the key, leading to legal proceedings against this fraudulent exploitation. The case's transfer to the CID underscores the magnitude of the financial loss, necessitating efforts to cooperate with banks to freeze the fraudulent accounts linked to this elaborate scam.

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