Bengaluru: As the Karnataka government has begun penalising those who do not wear masks in public, Bengalureans are getting furious over the huge fine.

The Chief Minister of Karnataka had approved the proposal to penalise an amount of Rs 1000 for those who do not wear masks in public areas.

The decision to hike the fees was made on October 2 after Karnataka Medical Education minister Dr K Sudhakar had a discussion with the Chief Minister.

The penalty for not wearing a mask in public places has been hiked to Rs 1,000 in urban areas and Rs 500 in rural areas.

As BBMP Marshalls and Bengaluru police have begun penalising offenders, residents in the city are not happy with the heavy fine.

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Correspondents of Asianet Kannada were on the streets on Wednesday and noticed residents pleading the officials not to fine them claiming they do not have enough money.

Many Bengalureans complained that they have no jobs due to the ongoing pandemic and cannot afford to pay the huge fine.

A few other citizens complained that they are hardly being paid 50% of their salary and paying such a huge fine was not easy.

One man who worked at a fast-food centre stated that the huge fine is not fair and he could buy milk for an entire month for his two children for Rs 1000.

Meanwhile, few residents who were asked to pay the fine questioned the officials why politicians like DK Shivakumar, CT Ravi and others who appear in the public were not fined by the government.