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Asianet News Dialogues: 'Einstein's theory of relativity is incorrect, must be totally replaced'

In a special edition of Asianet News Dialogues, Professor CS Unnikrishnan says he is advocating a change in the whole paradigm of fundamental physics -- dynamics, relativity and quantum mechanics.

Asianet News Dialogues with Professor CS Unnikrishnan
First Published Jan 8, 2023, 5:13 PM IST

Albert Einstein's theory of relativity, which was formulated in 1905, is the basis of fundamental physics today. Challenging this law is an Indian scientist who has come up with a new theory. Professor CS Unnikrishnan from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) explains his theory of cosmic relativity in this special episode of Asianet News Dialogues.

"Einstien's theory has a very crucial hypothesis. It says that the velocity of light is independent of the velocity of the source or the observer -- it's an invariant constant. This is the light hypothesis, and everything, in theory, depends on this. Now, one crucial discovery I made about 15 years ago was that if you do a direct experiment to test this light hypothesis, then I find that it is not an absolute constant. It depends on the velocity of the observer. Just like the propagation of sound, a very familiar wave, which depends on the velocity of the observer, light behaves almost the same way. Therefore, if that is so, the light hypothesis is not correct. That means Einstein's entire theory is not correct and has to be replaced by a different theory," Professor CS Unnikrishnan said.

"It so happened that I also knew what this new theory was. That required other lateral thinking. But I found that it is the gravity of all matter in this universe that controls everything in the dynamics of physics. Therefore, the universe acts as an absolute, unique reference frame for all physical phenomena. So it is a drastic change from the paradigm we follow in physics today, where we say that there is no such absolute reference frame or absolute space or time -- which came with Einstein's theory. So all this will go. The absolute frame is a reality. Einstein's theory has to be totally replaced, not corrected, with this theory that I am calling cosmic relativity," he added.
"Einstien's special theory of relativity, which rejects absolute frame and so on, is entirely wrong; it has to be completely replaced. Whereas, Einstien's general theory of relativity is not wrong, but incomplete; it has to be supplemented by what I am saying," said the member of the Department of High Energy Physics at TIFR.

Professor CS Unnikrishnan says he is advocating a change in the whole paradigm of fundamental physics -- dynamics, relativity and quantum mechanics.

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