Bengaluru: BJP national president Amit Shah reportedly dialled Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa (BSY) just before the 3-day session in Karnataka and warned him on several issues, as reported by a local Kannada channel. 

It is said Amit Shah spoke to the Karnataka chief minister for 6 minutes, giving him a piece of his mind on issues which the president thinks bring ill-reputation to the party. 

The call is also being perceived as a final call for the BS Yediyurappa in order to mend his ways. 

The first issue Amit Shah reportedly dealt with was the random transfer of officials. It is said the president was not happy with these random transfers and told BSY that he is receiving a lot of complaints in this regard and ordered him to follow a set pattern in transferring deserving candidates. 

The second issue Amit Shah was upset about relates to the corrupt officers in the CM’s office. He has purportedly said that the CM’s office has to be upright and asked BSY to reinstate sincere bureaucrats. The president has asked BSY to implement this instruction of his by the end of October.  

The third and last issue pertains to family intervention in state administration. Taking severe cognisance of this fact, the president is said to have strictly asked the CM to keep the family out. He is also said to have taken names in this regard. 

Such purported instructions to the Karnataka CM only bare open the fact that the high command has kept an eagle’s eye on the state politics. For this purpose, it is said the high command has appointed a few officers who send information to them on a regular basis. 

It is also said that BSY has promised the president that he would implement the orders in letter and spirit.