A shocking incident took place in Harishchandrapur, Malda. Land mafias entered the house of a village in the middle of the night and started beating the house members with bamboo sticks. A minor boy was severely injured in the incident. Blood started oozing out from different parts of the body. Unable to handle the situation, the family decided to visit the police station to seek help. 

When the family asked for help, the IC of the police station told them to give the land to the mafias. A number of officers in the police station told the family to either give the land or to give the money to the mafias in order to be safe. The head of the family was shocked to hear this from the police in the middle of the night. The family alleged that the IC of the Harishchandrapur police station didn’t help them.

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According to reports, Parijat Roy lives with his family in a house adjacent to Harishchandrapur police station. A few years ago, Parijat’s sister Bharati khan has sold a portion of the house to a local land mafia. Parijat claimed that the portion of the land which his sister sold doesn’t legally belong to her. 

The land was sold to a local land mafia named Babul Karmakar. Parijat did not agree to give the land to him because there was no legal documentation. However, Babul tried to take away the land through various means. He harassed the family a lot.
Parijat alleged that the IC of Harishchandrapur police station was supporting Babul in his crime. The IC didn’t take the complaint of Parijat Roy. It is alleged that Bablu, in collusion with Harishchandrapur police station, used various means to occupy Parijat Roy's residence. It is also alleged that Bablu did not have any documents to enforce the the ownership of the land except an illegal deed. 

Bablu Karmakar is known as a local miscreant. He has been involved in several criminal activities more than once. Previously, Babul used to work as a small hawker at the fair. It is alleged that Bablu became very powerful after joining hands with an influential local Trinamool leader. Although working as a contractor for the panchayat, Bablu is still accused of being involved in various criminal activities.

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Allegedly, IC Sanjay Kumar Das called Parijat Roy to the police station more than once in the last few months. It is alleged that Parijat Roy was pressured to give up the ownership of the land in front of Bablu Karmakar. There have even been allegations of over-activism against this IC of Harishchandrapur police station. Instead of complaining, maintaining law and order, and providing security to the common man, he has been indulging in the nefarious activities of the Trinamool Congress leaders.

Parijat Roy alleged that he went for several days to the police station to lodge a complaint but the IC never listen to him and threatened him in various ways. When Parijat’ Roy’s family was attacked by the miscreants, Parijat handed over a copy of the court stay order along with the charge sheet to the police station. 

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Parijat Roy's sister Bharti Khan came to Harishchandrapur on Friday (October 16) morning. She was accompanied by her son and future son-in-law. Allegedly, Bharati along with Bablu Karmakar tried to occupy vacant land on the main road between the family property. When Parijat Roy and his family members objected to this, they went to the police station. It is alleged that a large group of miscreants led by Bablu Karmakar has attacked Parijat’s family members. But police did not help them when they went to lodge a complaint.

After requesting a lot, an FIR was lodged against the miscreants. Along with that FIR, medical reports of the family members injured in the night attack were also submitted. Allegedly, the court's stay order was re-submitted with a copy of the FIR, but the IC said that all these papers hold no value. Allegedly, the police have not yet taken any action against the accused miscreants. Complaints have also been lodged with the top officials of the district police administration about the IC of Harishchandrapur police station.