Rajasthan health minister Raghu Sharma on Wednesday said people returning to the state from other parts of the country must be kept under 14-day quarantine, saying it was a matter of security, not punishment.

"All the people coming from outside are welcome, but they should follow quarantine before going to their villages or colonies so that others are not infected," he said.

Over 19 lakh migrants will move within Rajasthan or go to their natives states in the coming days, he said.

He said the government is giving top priority to developing and strengthening quarantine facilities at district levels.

138 new coronavirus cases were reported as of May 13 in Rajasthan, according to data released by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. This brings the total reported cases of coronavirus in Rajasthan to 4,126. Among the total people infected as on date, 2,378 have recovered and 117 have passed away.