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'Congress guarantees did not work...' BJP leaders hail people's mandate in 3 states

Opposition leaders acknowledge Congress's ascendancy in Telangana, attributing setbacks in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh to unfulfilled promises. BJP remains confident in Modi's leadership, eyeing future victories despite setbacks in Karnataka and Telangana. Ashok from BJP Karnataka praises Telangana's performance, emphasizing BJP's support and reinforcing Modi's leadership. Shobha Karandlaje asserts BJP's strength in states, condemns Congress's assurances as deceitful, and aims for significant victories in South India, particularly in Karnataka's Lok Sabha elections.

'Congress guarantees did not work...' BJP leaders hail people's mandate in 3 states vkp
First Published Dec 3, 2023, 1:16 PM IST

"In Telangana, there's a clear opposition surge against the KCR and BRS regime, signifying the Congress's ascendancy," stated Union Minister Prahlad Joshi from New Delhi. "However, in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, Congress has experienced setbacks, with the BJP leading in three of these states," he acknowledged.

 Joshi attributed the potential government's loss to KCR's governance issues and emphasized the Congress's gains owing to the power struggle in Telangana. "Prime Minister Modi's leadership during the elections was instrumental, but the Congress's Bhogas slogan didn't resonate effectively," he added, noting the unfulfilled promises in Chhattisgarh from the prior election cycle.

BJP triumph in Chhattisgarh: Party hails 'Modi Guarantee' as sole assurance of the nation

"In the country, there's a significant change in the air, and the India team was cheering. But in the Panchayat elections, people have clearly indicated their desire for Modi's return," stated BJP State President B.Y. Vijayendra from New Delhi. 

"It's akin to witnessing a tsunami, and this victory will extend into the Lok Sabha elections. The populace seeks assurance for the nation's defense, not the assurance of seizing power," he affirmed. 

"We didn't have high expectations in Telangana, and Karnataka's result was a setback for us. Congress has ascended to power there," he acknowledged. "However, the BJP will secure victory in the Telangana Lok Sabha elections," he confidently stated. "Not every assurance resonates universally. In Karnataka, ashes were thrown in the eyes of the voters, and a similar strategy was employed in Telangana. Unfortunately, we couldn't harness the anti-regime wave against BRS," concluded Vijayendra.

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"We are elated with this victory. It reflects the people's decision on who should govern the country," expressed R Ashok, opposition party leader of BJP Karnataka. 

"The results from three states carry a significant message. The survey reports for Chhattisgarh portrayed a different scenario, but those predictions fell short," he commented. "Telangana showcased a commendable performance," he added. "Congress's assurance isn't a warranty, just as there's no guarantee at China Mall," he stated. Addressing another matter, he mentioned, "Modi's 'panauti' remark concerning India's loss in a match—there seems to be a court order refraining from calling Rahul Gandhi 'Pappu.' Hence, I won't use that term. Rahul Gandhi is being referred to as 'Iron Leg,'" clarified Ashok, the BJP Karnataka opposition party leader.

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"People from three states voted for BJP, reinforcing Modi's leadership," asserted Central Minister Shobha Karandlaje in New Delhi. "The so-called guarantee offered by Congress is not credible; it's nothing short of deceit," she added. "The historic victories in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh emphasize that Congress doesn't stand by false assurances," she highlighted. "Congratulations to all our dedicated workers. We must strengthen our organization across several South Indian states, including Telangana," she emphasized. "In the Karnataka Lok Sabha elections, we will secure over 25 seats," she proudly stated.

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