Last night the news of Diego Maradona's demise left us all shocked. He died due to cardiac arrest, and with that news, a lot of questions have popped up in our head. Several celebrities and our closed ones have passed away because of cardiac arrest, so what is a cardiac arrest? Is it same as a heart attack? Here's what Dr Ranjan said.

"When a person is having a 100 per cent blockage in their heart, but he is conscious, it means he is having a heart attack. But, if you see a person unconscious, then he is going through a cardiac arrest which is the severe form of a heart attack. 80 per cent of the cardiac arrest happens because of a heart attack."

He further mentioned that in cardiac arrest, the heart stopped pumping, and that makes the person unconscious immediately. So, if that happens then at the very moment, CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) should be given to the person within three minutes.

When it comes to symptoms, he said "Heart disease is divided into two things, stable and unstable. In stable condition, a person can feel heart pain or chest heaviness while walking but when they sit down that situation comes under control. But, in an unstable condition, the situation can deteriorate anytime. It is unpredictable."

He continued, "If anybody is sweating too much and feeling the pain in their heart, then they have a heart attack. Sometimes what happens a person directly goes into cardiac arrest with or without pain because of the blockage and clots in their heart."

A person suffers from heart disease because of modified cholesterol which starts getting deposited, hypertension, blood pressure, smoking, hereditary, or even age. With these, it creates blockages about 20 per cent or 30 per cent in the hearts, which can give heart attacks. 

How to prevent heart attacks or cardiac arrests: 
As per Dr Shetty, one must have a healthy lifestyle; he or she should avoid smoking or consuming alcohol. Regular exercise is a must for 20-30 minutes a day. One should control their blood pressure level, sugar level, and cholesterol by taking pills. Always do a regular check-up."

When a person is suffering from a heart attack, aspirin can be given, but the most important thing to do is to take that person to a nearby hospital for treatment. And, if a person is suffering from cardiac arrest, then the close person can start giving CPR to that person. Says, Dr Ranjan Shetty.