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Google to soon introduce THIS iPhone feature for Android users

Google is reportedly working on a solution to allow Android users to check their battery health, a feature already available to iPhone users. The feature might release with the upcoming updates of the Android OS.

Google to soon introduce THIS iPhone feature for Android users gcw
First Published Dec 22, 2023, 10:26 AM IST

Replacing the battery in your phone is frequently necessary to keep it operating effectively for years to come. Over time, phone batteries degrade, causing your phone to run out of power more quickly. Because it's difficult to determine how much life a battery still has, it might be difficult to decide when to replace it. There are applications that can give you a general notion, but they take a long time to work out, and there are also untrustworthy third-party apps that you shouldn't rely on for security.

Because iPhone users have a specialised function for battery health, Android users face a significant issue. However, Google is now developing a fix for Android users as well.

In a report published by the Android Authority, it is stated that Google began setting the stage for battery status display in Android 14 and is now intending to expand on this feature with Android 15, among other future releases.

Google included a new tab named "battery information" in the phone settings with the December update for Pixel phones. This page provides you with the date of manufacture and the number of charges your battery has received. 

Furthermore, Google has included several new features in Android 14 that might provide further helpful information on the phone's battery, such as when you first started using it, how it charges, and its current condition. Google intends to include a specific "battery health feature" that will inform you of the condition of your battery in addition to all of the above.

According to reports, Google intends to add a feature to Android phones that would display battery status in the settings. The update centres on Google's attempts to clearly show battery health through a recent upgrade to the Settings Services app, which manages a number of features on Pixel and some other devices, as mentioned in the report.

It's interesting to note that Google has already expressed interest in providing choices specifically related to battery health. Google attempted something similar in October 2022 with Android 13, planning to include a section on Pixel phones that was exclusively focused on battery health. Regretfully, testing was not conducted on this functionality. 

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