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Apple working on smart ring with haptic feedback? Here's what we know

Apple Smart Ring could be one of the company's future wearable devices. The smart ring could provide haptic feedback for notifications. Users might also be able to control devices using the Apple smart ring. 

Apple working on smart ring with haptic feedback Here is what we know gcw
First Published Aug 24, 2023, 5:25 PM IST

Apple Smart Ring may be in development as a wearable gadget that can operate another device using touch and pressure-sensitive controls on the ring's surface, according to details from a recently-granted patent. The company's most recent patent for its smart ring also includes haptic feedback for notifications. Apple submitted a patent application for ring-shaped controllers for VR devices years ago, indicating that it has been working on a smart wearable that resembles a ring for a number of years.

A "ring input device with pressure-sensitive input" is described in patent US 11733790 B2, which was published by the US Patent Office (USPTO) on Tuesday. The patent was issued on August 22 after being submitted in September 2021. The inventors of the invention are identified in the paper as Michael Beyhs, Richard Huizar, Filip Ilievski, Jean Lu, and Thayne Miller.

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Electronic finger rings are "routinely worn and are often small," according to Apple, and are "unobtrusive, everyday communication devices" that can link wirelessly to other compatible gadgets. The patent also covers the usage of rings as toe rings, wrist bracelets, or even as components of necklaces or hoop earrings.

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The ring might then be used by users to reply to that input. According to the paper, this gadget may also operate headphones, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Although Apple files for patents on a wide range of goods, not all of the company's innovations are made into consumer gadgets. It's impossible to predict if Apple will ever release a product utilising these technologies or whether they will be improved and utilised in a different product in the future, as is the case with all gadgets mentioned in patent filings.

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