New Delhi: Indian Railways has rebuffed reports in certain sections of the media making baseless claims about possibility of hike in passenger fares.

"Certain sections of media have reported about the possibility of some hike in passenger fares. This news is baseless and without any factual basis. There is no proposal under consideration to increase fares. Media is advised not to publish or circulate such reports," the Indian Railways said in a statement.

Railways said that these reports have no factual basis and any proposal to increase the passenger fare is currently not under consideration.

It also urged the media to refrain from publishing or circulating such unfounded reports.

Indian Railways has also stated that they haven’t even taken any proposal under consideration about increasing the ticket fare, and it has also advised the media not to publish or circulate such reports.

The Indian Railways’ operations were suspended on March 22, 2020, when the lockdown was imposed in the country due to the coronavirus pandemic. To limit the spread of the disease, social distancing is extremely necessary, thus suspending 90% of the entire world’s operations.