Bengaluru: Kannada actor Darshan is making news for reasons other than his filmy career or any controversy. He has been lauded as the messiah of environment protection in Karnataka.

Darshan has adopted Male Mahadeshwara Hills known as MM Hills and has promised to develop the forest and protect it from any encroachment and disturbance from people.

Darshan has off-late been seen roaming with his camera on trips and treks to hills and mountains in search of animals to photograph them. He works as the ambassador of Karnataka state forest department.

Recently, Darshan adopted a tiger and an elephant from Mysuru Zoo. In addition, he has also inspired his friends and fans to adopt animals from zoos within their capacity.

It is said that the actor has been spending more time in forests amidst the greenery. He has displayed signs of a responsible ambassador and looks promising. He seems to be trying in his capacity to make an honest attempt to protect the forest and green belt of the state.