Hyderabad: Rajinikanth was discharged from the hospital on Sunday afternoon. According to an official medical bulletin, the decision was taken due to the Tamil cinema superstar’s improved medical condition.

His blood pressure is now stabilized and the veteran actor is feeling much better now.

The full statement read, “Mr Rajnikanth was admitted to the hospital on December 25, 2020 with severe hypertension and exhaustion. He was kept under close medical supervision and treated by a team of doctors. His blood pressure has been stabilized and he is feeling much better. In view of his improved medical condition he is being discharged from the hospital today. In view of his post-transplant status, labile hypertension and age the following advice has been given in addition to the medications and diet: Complete bed rest for one week with regular monitoring of blood pressure along with minimal physical activity. He has also been counselled to avoid any activity that increases the risk of contracting Covid-19.”

At a time when Rajinikanth is about to launch his own political party, the Hyderabad-based hospital has advised the actor to avoid stress and indulge only in minimal physical activities.

Rajinikanth was admitted to Apollo Hospitals in Hyderabad for severe blood pressure fluctuation on 25 December.