Pro-Kannada organisations led by Vatal Nagaraj have threatened to stall the release of the movie in Karnataka following controversial remarks made by 'Kattappa' fame Sathyaraj. 


"But this is not right," says director SS Rajamouli. In an interview, the director said "I worked for Sathyaraj for close to five years. When his comments surfaced on the internet, I enquired. Those comments were made nine years ago and after that about 30 movies of his were released in Karnataka including Baahubali 1. No one had problems with that then. Raking up the issue at this point in time is not right."


According to him, stalling the release of movie would not affect 'Kattappa' in any way. "It does not affect him. If at all, it only affects the film, which has nothing to do with Sathyaraj or his opinion,” said Rajamouli. Besides, he is not the director of the movie, nor writer or producer or hero. He is just a supporting actor. He acted in the film and took his remuneration and went away. So, whatever people do against Baahubali 2 will not affect him in any way, observed Rajamouli hoping that people would understand the issue and it would be resolved.


Meanwhile, no theatres are willing to screen the epic movie fearing the wrath of Kannada organisations. Pro-Kannada organisations have demanded Sathyaraj to tender apology for making rude comments on Kannadigas.