The health condition of veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee has improved on Monday (November 20) night. 

Doctors treating the veteran actor at a private hospital in South Kolkata conducted a vascular surgery and successfully stopped the internal bleeding which was leading to loss of haemoglobin.

Dr Arindam Kar, head of the team of doctors treating Chatterjee, said, “We have successfully stopped the bleeding. We had to go for a vascular intervention. It lasted for about an hour. For all certainty, it (the bleeding) will not happen again. Now we would be in a better position to manage the overall situation. There should not be any drop of haemoglobin or platelets or any derangement in the physiology.”

“In the coming two or three days we will try to recover the ground that had been disturbed and correct most of the things. Once all the organ functions start recovering, we will focus on making his consciousness improve by some way or the other,” he added.

As per the latest medical bulletin, Soumitra Chatterjee is still having the neurological issue but the doctors are happy to cure the bleeding. 

The doctors are hopeful that GI bleeding issues will not crop up again and they would be in a better position to manage the overall situation.

Millions of people in West Bengal and beyond have been praying for Soumitra Chatterjee’s recovery ever since he was admitted.