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SHOCKING! Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck headed for DIVORCE? Here's what we know; Read on

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage faces turmoil again, with reports of Affleck moving out. Control issues and busy schedules contribute, leaving fans questioning the future of their once-rekindled romance

SHOCKING Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck headed for DIVORCE? Here's what we know; Read on ATG
First Published May 17, 2024, 1:49 PM IST

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, a couple whose romance has been both celebrated and scrutinized by the public, are reportedly facing marital troubles once again. Despite their highly publicized breakup in 2004, the couple had seemingly evolved over the years, leading to their rekindled romance and eventual marriage in July 2022. However, recent reports suggest that their relationship may be heading for divorce.


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According to an insider speaking to In Touch Weekly, Ben Affleck has moved out of the home he shared with Jennifer Lopez, signaling a potential end to their marriage. The source conveyed that Affleck feels the relationship has reached a breaking point and that they are headed for divorce. Interestingly, the insider noted that Affleck is not solely to blame for the situation.

The couple's alleged decision to part ways may involve issues of control and compatibility. Reportedly, Lopez's inability to control Affleck and Affleck's inability to change Lopez have contributed to the strain on their relationship. The source also indicated that Affleck is now focusing on his work and his children from a previous relationship.

These rumors gained momentum after Lopez liked a post on her Instagram account that hinted at the importance of integrity and emotional safety in a relationship. Additionally, it has been noted that the couple has not been seen together for nearly 47 days, with Lopez currently in New York promoting her upcoming movie, Atlas, and Affleck busy shooting for The Accountant 2.

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The news of their potential divorce is a stark contrast to the optimism they expressed about their relationship in the past. Lopez previously discussed their love story at an event in Los Angeles, highlighting the vulnerability required to share their experiences with the public.

Despite their tumultuous history and previous efforts to reconcile, it appears that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may once again be facing challenges in their relationship. As rumors continue to swirl, fans are left to wonder about the future of this high-profile romance.

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