Tamil actor Vijay who is referred to as Thalapathy (Commander) by his fans and media for the time, came dressed on stage with blazers for the audio launch and said he has come dressed like his friend Ajith.

Vijay who has acted in 64 films and has fans across South India, was wondering why Vijay Sethupathi chose to act alongside him as he does cult films and does what others cannot even think off.

Sethupathi, who has done character roles and progressed step by step in the industry and cemented his position in people's minds chose to do Master and this decision has made Vijay curious. When he asked Sethupathi why he chose to act with him,  Setupathu replied, “I like you and wanted to do a film with you, that's why I chose Master," Vijay quoted Sethupathi on stage.

The actor later expressed that he also likes Sethupathi, who is called as Makkal Selvan by fans.

From what we are given to understand after looking at pictures that have gone viral, Vijay Sethupathi even planted a kiss on Thalapathy Vijay’s cheek during the shooting of Master.

Such is the bond that the two Vijays share.