Bengaluru: Sandalwood and South Indian cinema's rising rocking star Yash's KGF2 offers a big update at 5.45 pm today. Twitter is abuzz with information that the sequel is set on the backdrop of Narachi Limestone Corporation.

The fans have already been tweeting to express their growing expectation about the film for quite some time. The film is said to have made it to the top 10 films from Kannada industry in the last 80 years.

According to its director, Prashanth Neel, the crew was in Bijapur in November and in early December to complete the shooting and KGF2 is getting ready for the release of its trailer in the end of December or in January.

The earlier version of this movie was released on the same day exactly a year ago, and the movie was centred around KGF gold mines in Karnataka.