Kangana attended the event with her father, mother, brother and sister. Kangana’s father Amardeep Ranaut said it was a proud moment for Kangana and the family. Talking about the ongoing Kangana-Hrithik-Adhyayen tussle, Kangana's father said that people are unable to digest her success.



Soon after winning the award, Kangana gave a candid interview to a television channel talking about success, her ongoing feud with Hrithik and being a woman in this male-dominated society. Let's take a look at few explosive quotes from her interview.



Sometimes you have bad days, but then you have cupcakes

If a woman is sexually active, she's called a whore

I don't find it humiliating when they call me a psychopath, witch or whore

I am a self-pleaser, not a people-pleaser

I am proud of my fragile body and sharp mind

My success is my sweet revenge against controversy

My journey is not from Bandra to Juhu, but from Manali to Rashtrapati Bhavan