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Is BTS' V dating BLACKPINK member Jennie? ARMY and BLINKs are convinced after this LEAKED photos

BTS V's girlfriend is BLACKPINK's Jennie? After the photos of the two K-pop singers were allegedly 'leaked' on social media, it is sure that ARMY and BLINKs are dating.

Is BTS' V dating BLACKPINK member Jennie? ARMY and BLINKs are convinced after this LEAKED photos RBA
Bangalore, First Published Aug 24, 2022, 9:56 AM IST

BTS V's girlfriend and BLACKPINK's Jennie are K-pop's idol couple, according to social media and fans. The two Korean celebrities are frequently connected, but a viral photo of them has persuaded ARMY and BLINKs that they are dating. Jennie was apparently with V aka Kim Taehyung during his recent LA vacation, and the two had spent some time together. The popular photo's validity, however, remains in doubt.

The BTS star is seen getting ready for the shot in an animal print shirt, while Jennie is seen standing in the rear in a lavender shirt and taking a mirror selfie. The photo has gone viral on the Internet, receiving a lot of praise from followers of Korean idols. Some believe it is a false photo that admirers edited.

V and Jennie's 'leaked' pictures goes viral
"Not a Blackpink or BTS fan but even I can see this is a bad photoshop. Look at her hair and then the hair shadow on the wall. No where near the same Jennie and V may be dating, but this is just an edit," a user noted.

"I won't be surprised if jennie and v are actually dating. i mean v "accidentally" followed j on ig for 5 seconds until armys went nuts like it was j's fault lmao. and we shouldn't really care tbh. they are humans ffs. kpop idols are not nuns and priests. they need some lovin too," said another one.

A third one tried to rationalise why the photo is fake. "If u photoshoped then make it without any flaws.. 1.See the hair of Jennie in the back and compare with her actual hair... 2 As u can see the red circle the mirror image of hair maker wear black cap and have blonde hair color and with white mask but the person in front of V doesn't."

A user also expressed the opinion that if V and Jennie are dating, they should recognise their relationship in public and normalise dating.

ARMY and BLINKs support V and Jennie
A part of the internet also mocked the two and questioned the photo's validity. A user expressed their support for V and Jennie, "I'm not sure if the photo of Jennie and Taehyung is real or not. But if it is edited, that's disrespectful. If it is real, Army and Blinks should not even be throwing hate at Jennie or V, they should be worried about the person who has access to this unseen pic."

"if Jennie is happy with V, I will support her. because I am a fan, and I am always here to support her. that’s what BLINKS should do, not hate on either of them just because they have a life outside of the entertainment industry," said another one.

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