One of such rumour that rocked the south film industry was the big story about an alleged affair between actors Sobhan Babu and Jayalalitha.

Till date people in the industry and outside believed that the rumours were real as they were one of the perfect couples in the showbiz and were featured in some films together. 

In a recent interview, lyricist and writer Aarudra's wife Rama Lakshmi has given answers regarding Babu and Jayalalitha's alleged affair. 


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She said, "Sobhan Babu never had an affair with Jayalalitha as rumoured. They both are generous souls. But with Sobhan's wife, not an attractive woman, people linked him to Jayalalitha with whom he has done many films. But Babu never wanted to cheat on his wife. Otherwise, she would have easily fallen for him". 

So, according to Lakshmi, Sobhan Babu was a gentleman and not just Jayalalitha,he never had an affair with anyone. This is just one side of the story.