Ever since the pandemic has hit, everyone's work life has been confined to the four walls of the house. Having plenty of time in hand, Fatima is using it effectively by taking online narration of scripts and following the rules of the new normal.

The director's favourite has been taking online narration of scripts back-to-back and also finalising the type of scripts that she would like to work on, in the near future as the lockdown eases. The actress is being very conscious and ensures she does not step out of the house unless it's absolutely needed.

Apart from taking online narrations, the actress is also utilising this time effectively and has  learnt new dance forms online. She has improved on her photography skills, has done quite a bit of  reading, and has done  a lot of cooking which she has shared with her audiences, helping them stay connected to her raw self. She has also been part of various photo shoots at home. 

The actress also made sure to step out of her home to feed the pets in her society in an effort to do her bit for stray animals.

It's amazing to see how the actress is eager to learn, is looking at the positive side of everything and keeps busy, while documenting it too. Through all this she ensures to polish and brush up all her skills. 

For her upcoming projects- Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and LUDO, the actress will be seen rocking a brand new avatar and is all set to make the audience laugh.