Following your passion and working to achieve all your dreams is the step where you head towards a bright future. When your passion drives you crazy and motivates you in every sense to get out of all those ups and downs coming your way. One such upcoming star who is heading towards a bright career in the entertainment industry is –Gurpreet Singh aka Gopi Saini. Gurpreet Singh is a 17-year-old social media influencer and youtube vlogger. Born and Brought up in a small village named Mehtapur, Punjab.

Gurpreet was always inclined and curious about performing in stage and entertaining his audience , getting recognized as an artist. He surfed about it, analyzed, and came to a conclusion that he should initially start with performing on youtube.

And guess what it worked, tapping the right choice at the right time is what led him to be popular among various in this industry. He also has gained wide popularity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. He is growing with every new rising sun, and coming up with brilliant ideas to promote his work and presenting himself among his audience.

With good popularity on social media , Gurpreet is cheered up to work harder and gain his highest potential. He is cherishing every new and growing personality each day. Hope to see him work tremendously and achieving every joy and success that comes his way.