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Ravi Belegere's insight into Dr Rajkumar-Leelavathi's closeness

  • Ravi Belagere’s most anticipated book ‘Raj-Leela-Vinoda’ will be released on Dec 25
  • The book is expected to reveals the secrets between the relationship of Dr Rajkumar and Leelavathi
  • The autobiography of veteran actress Leleavathi is written by Belagere as narrated by the actress
Dr Rajkumar in the eyes of Leelavathi courtesy Ravi Belagere RajLeelaVinoda
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Ravi belagere’s book has already become the talk of the town as it deals with the life of veteran actress Leelavathi and her relationship with Dr Rajkumar and her son Vinod Rajkumar. All these years, no one has got Leelavathi’s version of the story on this.

Thus, will Ravi Belagere’s the book Raj-Leela-Vinoda unravel any secrets from the life of Dr Rajkumar, which were kept guarded till now?

The author says that the main theme of the book is the relationship between Dr Rajkumar and Leelavathi. Besides the book comprise many rare photographs, letters and anecdotes with regard to Dr Raj and Leelavathi.   

The book ‘Raj-Leela-Vinoda’ is an autobiography of actor Leelavathi narrated by Ravi Belagere. The writer has urged the fan followers of Dr Rajkumar not to react before reading the book.

Belagere has been persuading Leelavathi to narrate him her life story ever since he started his famous tabloid ‘Hai Bengaluru’ in 1995. Finally, the veteran actress made her mind up to narrate her story to him thus this book is ready now. The author cum narrator says that many facts that were kept guarded all these years are will be revealed in this book.

The book is scheduled to be released at Vajpayee Ranga Mandira, behind Padmanabhanagara Bus Stand, Bengaluru on December 25 at 5.30 pm.                           

The book may create unrest among the fans of Dr Rajkumar since it deals with the most sensitive part of his life. However Belagere has said there is nothing in the book that harms the reputation of Dr Rajkumar. “I don’t say I am a bold man, but I can face anything,” says Ravi Belagere:

This is what Ravi Belagere had to say before the release of the book:


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