Earlier this week, a fake account of actor Simbu tweeted that the actor wanted to marry Bigg Boss Tamil Oviya Helen, who quit the show last weekend. The actor has refuted the news as gossip.

While Oviya has received support from her fans and a comment from Simbu, rumours are abuzz that Simbu wants to marry Oviya. Simbu had also expressed his support for Oviya as she was isolated and bullied by other housemates in Bigg Boss house. The show is hosted by south Indian superstar Kamal Haasan.


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According to reports, a tweet from a fake account of Simbu saying that he wanted to marry Oviya started going viral; later a few websites too did stories based on the said tweet.

There is the Tweet, "Ready to marry Oviya, brave and bold girl, with #God_blessings,".



Although the tweet was deleted later, the screenshots of the same are doing rounds on social media. Later, Simbu issued an official statement clarifying his stand. He made it clear that he never said anything such and requested all to follow news only from his official handle.

“Some irresponsible people posting such a tweet in fake accounts carrying my name is not a surprise to me but what hurt me deeply was that some of the media people trusting such a fake tweet as my own and publishing and spreading it,” Simbu said in a statement.

He added, “I always believe media is a place where responsibility and accountability are the forte. But this irresponsible act of some media persons is something I cannot keep quiet and encourage. I at this moment request the media to publish the news that comes from my desk and my verified accounts personally and not believe the act of someone who wants to spread false in my name.”



In another tweet, Simbu said he knew who was behind spreading such false news and cautioned the person(s) not to test his patience. “I know who’s behind this fake news. Final warning, if you still? Different reply in a very different way. Don’t unleash the god of a devil,” he tweeted.

Later in the weekend, Oviya quit the show, citing medical reasons. According to reports, Oviya was depressed and was not able to deal with the situation in the Bigg Boss house.