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Detective Boomrah trailer out: Actor Sudhanshu Rai promises to be a thrilling experience

The trailer of Detective Boomrah is out. The web series is a detective thriller, and you can watch it on the official YouTube channel of Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai.

Detective Boomrah trailer out: Actor Sudhanshu Rai promises to be a thrilling experience RCB
Bangalore, First Published Dec 28, 2021, 7:00 PM IST
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The trailer of the upcoming thriller web series Detective Boomrah was out today by Saints Art. The web series would include different cases, with the first case being ‘The Missing Man’, which will be out on January 21 next year. 

Detective Boomrah comes just a few months after Sudhanshu Rai made his acting and directorial debut with Chaipatti. In this show, Sudhanshu would be seen playing the titular role while actor Raghav Jhingran would play the role of his popular partner Sam. Sudhanshu and Puneet Sharma, Director at Saints Art, have penned the story. Today, we interviewed the storyteller-turned-filmmaker Sudhanshu Rai, where he talked about his latest Detective Boomrah, previous work Chaipatti and more.

How has been the response to your first production, Chaipatti? What did the audience like most about the film?
We are incredibly grateful to the audience for showering their praises on Chaipatti. While it was an instant hit on YouTube, it won lot many accolades post its OTT release. The audience loved the movie's concept, which packed all the action within just 12 minutes. All the actors were also lauded for giving just the apt performance as per the script, which treaded cautiously between subtleties and going overboard. The film's climax left the audience wanting a sequel, for which the demand has been soaring since the film’s release.

When should we expect a sequel to Chaipatti?
The fans will not have to wait much longer for the sequel as work is already underway. At this stage, all we can promise the fans is that it will be a bigger laugh riot and a lot spookier, so they should hold their breath for chapter two.

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Tell us about your upcoming project. At what stage of production is it currently?
My latest project is something completely different from Chaipatti. From horror-comedy, I have shifted to the detective genre for this one. Detective Boomrah, a fictional character created years ago that has been loved by my audience on both digital and radio, will be finally seen on the screen. I would like to, however, add that the hero of the film, which is a detective sci-fi thriller, is its script and cinematography, which is sure to keep the audience spellbound. We have already completed the first leg of shooting, and I am confident that we have been able to do justice to the script. We will very soon announce the release date and OTT.

Any special experience about the shooting that you would like to share with us?
Every moment during the film's shooting was special for every crew member. We got a perfect location for the script and an enthusiastic team that completed the whole shoot in record time. Many more experiences related to the shots we filmed and sequences we performed, but that could play spoilers for the fans. However, no matter how tiring it was to shoot the whole film, every step was a learning experience in itself.

What made you work on a detective sci-fi thriller, a rare genre seen in Indian cinema?
If you look at it, our first production Chaipatti hails from horror-comedy, which also is a lesser-explored genre in the Indian film industry. We may name a couple of popular films that have appeared over the years, but the list would be too skewed as compared to other genres. The factor that allows me to explore relatively less touched genres is the storyteller within me. Since the storyteller thrives on imagination, which knows no societal, geographical or celestial boundaries, I can develop subjects that are usually beyond normal comprehension. Detective sci-fi thriller as a genre has immense scope of drama, action, surprise and startling elements, which could jointly make great cinema. Also, we wanted to offer the Indian film audience something that they have not seen in the industry so far. Detective Boomrah would be a never seen before experience for Indian cinephiles.

Who are the actors in the movie? Why are you banking on fresh faces instead of bigger names from the industry? 
The whole cast of Chaipatti – Shobhit Sujay, Abhishek Sonpaliya, Priyanka Sarkar and myself – will be seen in the film and some new faces in key roles. Regarding not banking on bigger names, as I said, the film's hero is its script. Rather than pondering whether the faces are fresh or established, we are directing our focus on a gripping storyline that can hook the audience. Also, since the concept is completely new, it seems a great proposition to couple it with fresher faces and performances, which the audience has not seen.

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What makes you believe Detective Boomrah would strike a chord with the cinema audience? What should they expect from the movie?
Detective Boomrah has already been touted as one of the most iconic Indian detectives. But unlike his predecessors, he does not delve into murder or missing mysteries, rather he takes up cases that are beyond obvious reality. The audience on different mediums like YouTube, podcast, FM radio have adored the iconic detective character, and I am confident that the audience of the film audience would also be in awe of him pretty soon.

The movie can expect several edge-of-the-seat moments and a fascinating plot that would keep them glued till the end.


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