Actress Samyuktha Hegde, who showed up on Bigg Boss Kannada as a wildcard entry, has been sent out of the house after she was seen assaulting fellow contestant Sameer Acharya.

Samyuktha said that Acharya had touched her inappropriately and her reaction was the result of sudden rage.

Here is what happened:



In the video, one can see that throughout the episode, Samyuktha is seen shouting on the top of her voice about every trick employed by the opposite party during tasks. First, when contestant Riyaz gets hurt with scissors during the task, she shouts at Riyaz and is not ready to listen to his version of the story.

Later as the task proceeds, everyone jumps on Karthik to get the scissors. When JK and Acharya too join and try to protect the scissors, Samyuktha is pushed to the ground and starts shouting that Acharya touched her inappropriately, gets up and slaps him.

Acharya said Samyuktha hit him against the rule of the house, and appeals to Bigg Boss to watch the footage and decide. But Samyuktha is adamant that she has faced physical abuse earlier too, and when Acharya touched her, she couldn't control and acted in a rage.

Considering the entire episode and whatever happened at that moment, Bigg Boss asked Samyuktha to leave the house for slapping an inmate.

Samyuktha has not reacted on the matter after coming out of the house. In Bigg Boss season 4, Huccha Venkat had slapped co-contestant Ravi Moorur and was asked to leave the house.

Samyuktha became popular after ger role in Kannada film Kirik Party, which was a huge hit last year. After that, she took part in Roadies and acted in another Kannada film College Kumara, which was also a hit. But the crew had complained that she had not attended the promotional events and that she has an attitude problem. This complaint allegedly continues on the sets Kirik Party's Telugu remake Kirrak Party too.