During these difficult times due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, every sector has taken a hit due to the lockdown that has been imposed.

People have to adhere to the new normal and follow social distancing protocols. Many people have been facing financial difficulties as their livelihood depends on their daily earnings.

Similar is the case with Bollywood background dancers who have been facing a very tough time due to the pandemic as they used to earn on a per-gig base. Now, since there are no gigs and no shows, pockets have been tight. In these difficult times, actor Tiger Shroff has come to their rescue.

The actor donated 100 ration kits to the Bollywood dancers who have been facing a difficult time. Since the shoots have been delayed and songs have been called off, for the time being, one ration kit of Tiger will take care of a month's supply for the dancers. The kit consists of basic survival items from pulses to kitchen spices and even sanitary napkins for the female dancers.

The actor who is even popular for his own dance moves has really inspired several others by this virtuous act.