The series takes us right into the mix, giving us a never seen before angle into the lives of the team players, staff, their hard work for every match etc. 

Whilst the promotions of the show, the actor and team owner Abhishek disclosed claim how he loves getting involved with the squad, sometimes he ends up training with them and playing a game or two with them. Quiz the actor if he's ever trained with them, he reveals, "Absolutely, if I get a chance I'd like to practice with them sometimes, I mean am nowhere near as good as them, but they indulge me, and I love to practice with them, play with them." 

It makes one wonder if we will also get a look at Abhishek trying his hands at Kabbadi in the upcoming series. The wait is about to be over on December 4 when Amazon Prime brings to life the exciting and pulsating docu-series to our homes on Amazon Prime Video, and it promises to be a great watch and narration to a good journey and an even greater story.