Telugu actor Tharun's mother Rojaramani has said that his son was not the reason for actress Aarthi Agarwal attempting suicide back in 2005. 


Actress Aarthi, who died due to cardiac arrest in 2015, had attempted suicide at her residence in Hyderabad in 2005. Several reports claimed that she was in a relationship with Tharun - her co-star in the superhit 'Nuvvu Leka Nenu Lenu' - but his family was against it.


However, Rojaramani has played down the reports, saying Tharun and Aarthi were just friends and her suicide bid was not related to him in any way.


"They were good friends. She consumed poison not due to her relationship with Tarun but for other reasons which the media knows better. They were never in love, those were just rumours," reports quoted her as saying.


Rojaramani also added that if both of them wanted to be together, they would have got married with or without the family's consent.


"If Tarun and Aarthi wished to get married, they would have done that with or without our support. They didn't need anyone's support. They were both actors, independent and earning well. Also Aarthi got married to someone else later. If she was in love with Tarun, she would not have done that," she added.


Aarthi died due to cardiac arrest at a hospital in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She had undergone a liposuction surgery six weeks before, and had severe breathing problems during the following days.