Bollywood actress, 34, wore the Ralph Lauren trench coat on Monday in New York City. Her gown won praise from the fashion world but still subjected to series of memes. 

Her long brown trench coat dress which apparently also happens to be the longest trench coat dress ever. People Photoshopped to create memes, and superimposed her onto rooftops, in cups of tea and suggest that her gown could be used as a speedy tool to clean India's streets.

Check out here:



A number of jokes centred on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - or Clean India Movement

Another meme suggested that the elaborate gown could help conserve water in Tamil Nadu 

This meme suggested that Chopra's next movie could be called 'Tent Raider' and showed her with a tent attached to her gown in a mock film poster


The person behind this Photoshop creation showed Chopra being pulled out of a cup of tea


Sahil Shah superimposed the Baywatch star on a space picture, with the caption: 'Star Trek: We need to cover up the USS Enterprise. Priyanka Chopra: Say No More.'


Various people were also Photoshopped on to look as though they were poking out from underneath the dress


Other memes simply compared the actress to trench coat-wearing cartoon characters


Dress or umbrella? Chopra was superimposed onto a Bengaluru rooftop in this meme



Forgotten the picnic blanket? No problem, Priyanka Chopra's gown can step in.