Dr Rajkumar became the first actor in the Kannada film industry to complete 100 films. A grand event was organised to celebrate this occasion and Dr Raj was invited when all arrangements were made by the film industry.


Thus a grand programme was fixed at the Kantheerava Stadium in Bengaluru. Dr Raj had reached the Town Hall, when he had to get down as a large number of people and bigwigs of the industry were waiting for his arrival. Someone told him that from here he will be taken to the Kantheerava Stadium in a procession.



After receiving the garlands and wishes from people, Rajkumar was all excited to start the procession. He had a surprise when a completely decked up lorry drove from a distance and stopped in front of him.


If you think this shocked Rajkumar, you are wrong, his excitement was ten-folded and he climbed the lorry. He was accompanied by actors Balanna and Narasimharaju, who have been part and parcel of the films Rajkumar acted in. With other people too climbing the lorry, it soon was turning into a thrilling experience with a large number of people waiting to get a glimpse of their favourite actor in both the sides of the road till Kantheerava Stadium.



When the lorry reached the Kantheerava Stadium, Dr Raj jumped out of it like a common man and was amazed to see thousands of people gathered at the Stadium, waiting for him.


The tight police protection kept the actor safe and the police too had made all security arrangements and people did cooperate with the system. Dr Raj was taken on an elevated platform, where many big wigs of the industry had gathered to wish the actor. The main attraction of the programme was the greatest theatre persons of Karnataka, Gubbi Veeranna’s presence. Dr Rajkumar had got his theatre and acting training in the drama company run by Gubbi Veeranna. Dr Raj looked emotional, when his mentor gave him a golden ring.


The stalwarts of Kannada cinema, GV Iyer, actors Udayakumar, Bharathi, Kalpana who had shared the screen with Dr Raj wished him on the occasion. The event even witnessed the gathering of producers, directors and distributors too.


Ravi, who had directed Rajkumar’s hundredth cinema Bhagyada Baagilu hugged the actor on the stage. Activists who had fought for the unification of Karnataka, Andanappa Doddameti, MLA S Shivappa were the chiefs guests at the programme.



Chikkaballapur beats Bengaluru Yes, though it was a grand affair, this was not the first programme organised to congratulate Rajkumar on his 100th movie. The first programme was held in Chikkaballapur.


One Kannada film industry’s best still photographers, Bhavani Lakshminarayana was the first one to hold the celebration in this regard. Even before the Kannada cinema industrt had planned, Bhavani had told Rajkumar that the first programme will be held in Chikkaballapur. 



Thus Rajkumar was given a warm welcome at Chikkaballapur, where his mentor Gubbi Veeranna, actress Jayamma, Balanna, Narasimharaju and others were present. Thousands of people had gathered to see one of the greatest actor of the Kannada film industry. Thus Bhavani became the man who gave these thousands of people the chance to meet their favourite actor and Rajkumar an memorable event on the release of his 100th movie.