Sampathige Saval on the direction of AV Sheshagiri Rao, who was assisted by B Mallesh. In an interview with me, then associate director B Mallesh revealed a detail, which made the author laugh his heart out. Of course, this is an interesting episode with Buffalo in the lead.


During the shooting of the film Sampathige Saval, a song Yaare Koogadali (means let anyone shout) was being choreographed. Dr Rajkumar,. Who plays a village boy in the film, had to sit on a buffalo and sing the song.


Dr Rajkumar was excited as the shooting was scheduled in his hometown Gajanoor. The director called Mallesh and asked him to arrange for a buffalo. After taking a tour of Gajanoor village, Mallesh couldn’t find a suitable buffalo. So, he went to the neighbouring village and liked one buffalo at first sight and brought it to the set.



Even the director approved the Buffalo, and it was made ready for the shooting. It instantly got friendly with Dr Rajkumar too. The shooting was conducted without much trouble, but the complete song could not be shot the same day.


However, as promised Mallesh returned the Buffalo to the owner and told him he would need it the following day too. The owner happily agreed to the demand.


But the next day, Mallesh was shocked when he couldn’t find the buffalo, which had attended the shoot. The owner had sold the Buffalo. When asked he said “Sir, people came to know that this Buffalo had the opportunity to share the screen with Dr Rajkumar. He had sat on my buffalo. So the suddenly there was overwhelming demand for the Buffalo. I sold it at a high rate.”


When the owner saw Mallesh worrying, he said to take some other Buffalo for the shoot and pointed towards a herd of buffaloes. Of course, he had no clue about continuity.


But there was no time, and the buffalo had to be in the set before the shooting starts. Mallesh chose another buffalo, which looked similar to the earlier one and took it to the set. The director announced action and Dr Raj sat on the Buffalo. But he looked uncomfortable. Rajkumar immediately called Mallesh and enquired about the Buffalo. “Is it the same buffalo as yesterday. This is pricking my skin.”


Scared of the ire of director and the hero, Mallesh told in a low voice that the Buffalo was sold so he had to get another one. He requested Dr Raj not to tell this matter to the director. Understanding the situation, Rajkumar gave a smile and continued the shoot.


Thus, if you watch closely, there are two buffaloes in the film Sampathige Saval.


Photo caption: Dr Rajkumar during the shooting of the song Yaare Koogadali in the movie Sampathige Saval.


About B Mallesh, who narrated the incident:

There is a long list of technicians who debuted in the film industry with Dr Rajkumar’s movies. B Mallesh is one among them. Before turning as an independent director, Mallesh worked as an associate to some important directors. He has independently directed more than 20 films. He has seen the Kannada film industry closely from the days when shooting to editing was held in Madras. He comes from a family of artists. His father Basappa is a theatre and cinema artist. Elder sister B Jaya is considered as the first comedy actress of Kannada film industry.​