Capital Buzz: Now after TTV Dhinakaran, AIADMK to face DMK onslaught

opinion | Monday, September 18th, 2017
R Rajagopalan

TN Guv Vidyasagar Rao meets President Ram Nath Kovind, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and VP Venkaiah Naidu

Vidyasagar Rao, the Tamil Nadu Governor, on Monday met President Ram Nath Kovind, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu, Home Minister Rajnath Singh to discuss the present political tussle in Tamil Nadu.

Tomorrow, Vidyasagar Rao is leaving for Chennai to stay there for three days. On instructions from Centre, Governor Rao’s stay in Chennai now assumes significance.

The Speaker of Tamil Nadu Assembly Dhanapal, on Monday, informed Governor Vidyasagar Rao of the disqualification of the 18 MLAs. There is a protocol to inform the Governor first before releasing it to media.

With this announcement, the political wheel has begun turning not only in Tamil Nadu but in New Delhi also. Governor Vidyasagar Rao and Venkaiah Naidu Vice President are close friends. Though this call to the VP is considered a private affair, but of course both must have discussed politics of Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Though many would not speculate, Venkaiah Naidu is believed to be instrumental in having saved the Tamil Nadu government from the clutches of Sasikala.

Naidu was effectively monitoring the funeral arrangements for Jayalalithaa. Since then, many political leaders of the AIADMK have begun to pay calls on him. Venkaiah Naidu speaks Tamil, an added attraction for easy understanding of the internal dynamism of AIADMK functioning.

Narendra Modi also depends more on Venkaiah Naidu for briefings on AIADMK and Tamil Nadu.


DMK plans en masse resignation

DMK, the principal opposition party is playing its political card effectively. When the Speaker of Tamil Nadu assembly announced  the disqualification of 18 TTV Dhinakaran MLAs, the DMK then  informally decided to go in for an en masse  resignation of their 81 MLAs from the Tamil Nadu assembly, thereby creating a political vacuum in the state.

This will rattle the EPS and OPS and send all their plans topsy turvy. DMK, which is so vehemently opposed to Narendra Modi also will play its card close to its chest so that even the Centre is shaken by their actions. In these circumstances, there is a possibility of eight Congress MLAs also planning to submit their resignation, if Rahul Gandhi approves of DMK’s politicking plans. Needless to say the 100 MLAs resignation will put the Central government and BJP in a tight  spot.


The tussle for Tamil Nadu continues

Soon after the disqualification of 18 MLAs of TTV Dhinakaran was announced in Chennai, connected work had begun in the afternoon in New Delhi. What a coincidence? And perfect timing. Dr V Maitreyan, MP Rajya Sabha of AIADMK, met Vice President  Venkaiah Naidu and later Arun Jaitley, the Finance Minister. Informal legal and  political consultations are now on behind the scene.

Manoj Pandian, a senior lawyer of AIADMK also held discussions with Supreme Court Advocates and got approved draft affidavits to be presented to the Election Commission.

On Tuesday a high level delegation is likely to meet the Election Commission to submit a petition that the two groups of AIADMK identified by the EC as OPS and EPS groups have since met and passed a resolution of their merger and elected O Pannerselvam as the Coordinator  of AIADMK. The decision of Election Commission on two leaves election symbol of AIADMK is so crucial for the ensuing Panchayat polls in Tamil Nadu.

On a parting note, can you guess from New Delhi who are all the top most leaders of BJP guiding AIADMK politics in Chennai? Do take a guess.


CM E Palanisamy, O Panneerselvam to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi 

Tamil Nadu politics is now being actively enacted in New Delhi. What should be done at which time and the guidance is received from New Delhi. Removal of Sasikala from General Secretary of AIADMK was drafted in New Delhi. Soon after this was done, the Prime Minister was busy .

But this week, OPS and EPS are likely to  dash to the capital just to say "big thank you" to the prime minister. There were accusations from the Tamil Nadu Opposition parties that BJP is scripting the Tamil Nadu drama. This allegation has no direct basis but certain people having secret meetings in the centre prove that there was something brewing. It may be recalled here when Palanisamy in July met Prime Minister Narendra Modi for one hour, subsequently the meeting of O Pannerselvam served its purpose.

From New Delhi, the BJP has been saying that the two factions of AIADMK should merge and keep Sasikala out of the AIADMK. That has since happened. The meeting between EPS and OPS with  the Prime Minister during this week will change the nature of not only Tamil Nadu politics but also centre's. There will be a dire need that the AIADMK take part in the Union Cabinet. There shall be a strategy for this.

Thambidurai and Dr V Maitreyan have prepared the ground work for this purpose. Informed sources confirm that AIADMK might join the Modi government before the winter session of  theParliament. There has been a political pressure from AIADMK to this effect.

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