Former Indian player Gautam Gambhir makes an unhealthy statement on Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), as they had managed to secure a seat in the playoffs, just by the margin of Net Run Rate (NRR).

RCB, who had an excellent start to the tournament, lost four consecutive matches and still qualified for the playoffs, owing to the mysterious points table circumstances, accompanied by the nick of their good luck. 

Observing RCB’s performance closely, Gambir, in a conversation with ESPNCricinfo, said, “100%, because the problem is about accountability. Eight years into the tournament [without a trophy], eight years is a long time. Tell me any other captain…forget about captain, tell me any other player who would have got eight years and wouldn't have won the title and would have still continued with it. So it has to be accountability. A captain needs to take accountability.”

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Gambhir added, "It's not only about one year, it's not only about this. I have nothing against Virat Kohli but somewhere down the line, he needs to put his hand up and say, 'yes, I am responsible. I am accountable'.

"Eight years is a long, long time. Look at what happened to R Ashwin. Two years of captaincy (for the Kings XI Punjab), he couldn't deliver and he was removed. We talk about MS Dhoni, we talk about Rohit Sharma, we talk about Virat Kohli...not at all. Dhoni has won three (IPL) titles, Rohit Sharma has won four titles, and that's the reason they've captained for such a long time because they've delivered. I'm sure if Rohit Sharma wouldn't have delivered for eight years, he would have been removed as well. There should not be different yardsticks for different people,” Gambhir highlighted.

Gambhir feels that since it’s always the captain who is glorified when the team wins, the onus of losing should also be credited to the captain. "The problem and the accountability starts from the top, not from the management nor the support staff, but from the leader. You're the leader, you're the captain. When you get the credit, you should take the criticism as well."